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Launch List Accelerator

Your complete guide to building an email list full of raving fans that are ready and excited to work with you!

LLA is an action-based, time-saving program that...

✔️ Sets you up for guaranteed launch success by walking you through the process of building your email list full of people that are a perfect match for your program 

✔️ Gives you a no-brainer marketing plan to promote your freebie and paid offer on your platform(s) of choice (Never know what to post on social media to get people on your list? I got you!) 

✔️ Creates an automated marketing system that turns cold leads into raving fans in less than a week

✔️ Takes the guesswork out of the behind-the-scenes tech setup so your email list can continue to grow on autopilot

✔️ Answers all the questions you didn't know you had about email lists: What do I say in my emails? How do I get people to open my emails? How do I email people without being annoying?

In LLA, you'll learn:

➡️ Why your email list is the #1 asset you have in your business and how to leverage its power to exponentially increase your income while algorithm-proofing your business

➡️ The must-do steps and best practices to create an epic freebie that will attract 100+ engaged, "perfect fit" audience members every month*

➡️ How to create a landing page for your freebie that gets people's attention and has them excited to give you their email address

➡️ What to include in your email welcome sequence to take your new subscribers from "Who is this person?" to "I can't wait to hear more!"

➡️ The #1 place most business owners miss that will exponentially grow your business and engagement without you lifting a finger

➡️ How to leverage the power of social media (no matter how many followers you have) to grow your email list without feeling spammy or annoying

➡️ Long-term email list growth strategies that will have new subscribers joining your list even when you're on vacation, having a "self-care day", or hanging out with the fam

➡️ Best practices to optimize your website for email list success and turn lurkers into subscribers

➡️ The entire behind-the-scenes automation set up so your list continues to grow on autopilot while you get back to what you love doing without having to worry about this whole "marketing thing"

*Expected results when you follow the LLA framework. AKA...you have to actually do the work. #obvious

What you'll get:

  • Go-at-your-own-pace video training library that takes you step-by-step through my 3-part "Know, Flow, Grow" framework to build an engaged, "perfect fit" email audience that's primed and ready to buy your program
  • Complete tech tutorials walking you through the behind-the-scenes setup of your entire email list flow so it can be a "hands-off" part of your business
  • 30+ email content prompts that will give you over a year's worth of weekly newsletter ideas
  • 60+ social media promotional post ideas so you know exactly what to post on social media to promote your freebie and your program
  • 35+ subject lines that will skyrocket your email open rates and get your emails read by the right people (AKA not just your mom)
  • Email List Handbook - Your go-to reference manual for all of the questions you didn't even know you had about email lists - what to say, when to send, how to write, what the numbers mean, etc.
  • Private community forum to ask your questions and get feedback



$1000 value

If you're a coach or practitioner in the wellness space, it's time to step into your power and own the one thing you want to be known for—and it starts with getting confident in who you help and how you help them.

In this virtual go-at-your-own-pace masterclass, I'm going to walk you through my signature 5-step process to uncovering your perfect niche. 

The truth is...if you don't take this first step, then the rest of your business can't flourish into what it's meant to be. Your potential clients can't get the help they need, you can't build the business you want, and you won't make the money you deserve. 


"The Freebie That Will Explode Your Email List" QUIZ TRAINING + TECH SETUP 

$500 value

There's one type of freebie that blows all of the others out of the water...A QUIZ! Quizzes are fun and irresistible for your audience and easy for you to create. Win-win!

Should your freebie be a quiz? Probably. But don't even think about trying to create one without this training.


$300 value

The term “messaging” in the business world refers to how you communicate with your dream client. It’s how you build a connection with your dream clients to help them understand why they want and need what you have to offer, the transformation that will happen when they take you up on that offer, and the risks involved if they don’t pursue your offer. In other words, magnetic messaging is your marketing material. (Try to say that 5x fast!) 

This workbook will take ALL the guesswork out of what to put on your sales page, what to say on social media, and what to write in your emails by really understanding who you're talking to and what they need to hear.