Build an audience of "perfect fit" clients on autopilot...

so you can algorithm-proof your business and stop worrying about social media.

You're ready to take clients, sell your services, and promote your programs so you can start helping people and making real money in your business.

But, there's still one thing you haven't quite figured out yet.


Maybe you occasionally post on social media sharing more about what you do (even though it feels awkward and you don't really want to, TBH).

Perhaps you've set up your website complete with a "work with me" page and opt-in form.

You might have even thrown together a freebie.


So, you start thinking things like:

  • "I must be too late to the game. Everyone is already doing what I want to do and my industry is too saturated."
  • "I don't like social media and the algorithm hates me, so my business is doomed."
  • "I need a bigger audience to make this work, but building an audience seems impossible these days."
  • "Clearly, no one is interested in what I have to offer."
  • "Maybe I'm not cut out for this business thing."

Wait, wait...hold up, my friend, let's get you out of that sabotage spiral!

I've got really good news for you.

Your struggle to find paying clients has nothing to do with your industry, your services, the number of followers you have, or the algorithm...

It's because you're not spending your valuable time and energy on THE ONE PLACE where you'll make most of your sales.

It doesn't take a Ph.D. in mathematics to know that the more people you have to sell to, the more sales you'll make. 

And so, new business owners often assume that means battling it out with the algorithm gods to get as many followers as possible and trying to be everywhere, all the time to get people to notice them.

But, this approach is flawed.

Because, while sure, numbers do matter here, the quality of these connections matters way, way more.

Having an engaged audience full of people that are a "perfect fit" for your paid offers will always be more valuable than accumulating followers that occasionally scroll by your work.

So, where is this magical place of engagement, authentic communication, and people ready to buy what you're selling?

No, it's not Instagram.

Nope, not TikTok either.


The first—and most important—thing to do in your business is build an engaged email list.

I know, I know. Just hearing the words "email marketing" might have you squirming a little as you envision those annoying, spammy emails popping up in your inbox.

That's what I thought, too, when I first started my business. But, I reluctantly started one because all of the business "gurus" told me to, and I quickly learned something about having an email list.


In fact, at least 90% of your sales will come from your email list. And, having an email list specifically curated for your paid offers makes selling simple, easy, and...dare I!

You also don't need a huge number of subscribers to make good money in your business. In fact, I had my first 6-figure year in business with less than 2,000 people on my email list! 

Here's the thing that most business owners seem to be forgetting these days: your social media following isn't yours. You have absolutely zero control or say in who sees or engages with your work. On average less than 10% of your followers will even see your posts, and a much smaller percentage take the time to read and act on them.

When someone subscribes to your email list, they start a relationship with you. You now have the ability to pop up in their inbox, provide value, and connect with them in a way that just doesn't happen through social media.

Social media is for scrolling and liking. Email is for engaging and taking action.

So then, the question becomes, "How do I get people on my email list that will actually engage with my emails without it taking ALLL of my time and energy?"

The answer is simple...


Imagine what it'll be like when you...

  • Consistently add 5-10 “perfect match” subscribers to your email list every single day without any extra work from you. (That’s 300 new audience members per month!)
  • Automatically send welcome emails to your new subscribers that simultaneously build trust, creates a friendly connection, and get them ready and excited for your paid offer. 
  • Stop worrying about your social media reach and the algorithm because you know you're building a community of paying clients on a platform that you actually own
  • Effortlessly attract an engaged audience without having to spend hours a day on social media.
  • Feel confident selling your paid offers and know that your launch won’t end up with a big $0 at the end.
  • Help the people you’re meant to help and make the money you deserve to make without constantly being tied to your screens

  • Follow a step-by-step, proven strategy to authentically build your email list full of people that are excited to hear from you (even if you're starting from scratch)
Great news...all of this is 100% possible for you!
When you implement my step-by-step, authentic approach to building your email list...

Frantically trying to figure out how to get sales in your business while you spend all your precious time on Instagram with little to no return
Effortlessly filling up your client schedule, group program, and courses with a simple email sequence to your engaged email list

Struggling to get anyone to notice your freebie, not matter how many times you tell them to "click the link in bio"
Having an epic freebie that attracts 5-10 new, "perfect match" subscribers every single day without you lifting a finger

Ghosting the people that are on your list because you have no idea what to say and don't want to annoy them
Knowing exactly what to say in your emails to connect with your growing audience so they're ready and excited to push the "purchase" button
It's time to put your focus back on THE #1 THING that will actually make sales in your business.


With my proven, step-by-step approach, you will build an automated system that consistently and effortlessly attracts "perfect match" clients to your email list every single day. You'll provide an amazing, "feel good" experience for your new audience members that takes them from, "Who is this person?" to "I'm ready to buy!"
The complete, step-by-step system to authentically explode your email list full of “perfect fit” clients that are primed and excited to work with you
Oooooo, tell me more!

The Launch List Accelerator is an action-based, time-saving program that... 

  • Sets you up for guaranteed launch success by walking you through the process of building your email list full of people that are a perfect fit for your paid offer (This process works for everything—1:1 coaching, a group program, an online course, or a paid masterclass!)
  • Gives you a no-brainer marketing plan to promote your freebie and paid offer on your platform(s) of choice (Never know what to post on social media to get people on to your list? I got you!)
  • Creates an automated system that turns cold leads into raving fans in less than a week
  • Takes the guesswork out of the behind-the-scenes tech setup so your email list can continue to grow on autopilot
  • Answers all the questions you didn't know you had about email listsWhat do I say in my emails? (I've got templates, examples, and topic ideas for you!) How do I get people to open my emails? (I'm spilling the secrets to my 40% open rate.) How do I email people without being annoying? (With the provided content prompts, people will be excited when your name shows in their inbox!)

"I've attracted 250 highly engaged leads (starting from almost scratch)!"

"In just a few months, I've attracted 250 highly engaged leads to my email list (starting from almost scratch) by following Shawn's strategies and was able to sell out my first program with just one email to my list!"

-Anna Holtzman, chronic pain therapist and coach, @anna_holtzman

"LLA made the whole idea of marketing much easier to grasp."

"LLA brought a ton of clarity by making the abstract idea of marketing more concrete. LLA gave me an intention behind all of the actions and makes this whole marketing thing much easier to grasp. I am feeling way more confident about the launch we have coming up in June!"

- Nikki Collet & Mel VanDoren, Holistic Health Coaches @anooyu.wellness

After going through LLA, you'll have:
  • An automated system working behind the scenes that consistently attracts 100+ "perfect match" audience members every single month (even if you don't feel like being in marketing mode) that are primed and ready to buy
  • An epic freebie that will have your dream clients jumping at the chance to give you their email address so they can get their hands on it 
  • An optimized website that sets you up for continuous email list growth for years to come without you lifting a finger
  • Endless ideas for content (social media posts, email newsletters, podcast topics, etc.) that draw attention and engagement from the right people for your paid offer
  • A feel-good marketing strategy that generates income for your business without feeling sleazy, pushy, or annoying
  • An algorithm-proof business that keeps growing even during the next Instagram and Facebook outage #instagramdown
Here's a sneak peak at what's inside:


Part 1 is all about knowing who you're attracting to your list, how you're attracting them, and what you'll do to give them a great experience once they subscribe. You'll get your email service provider set up (if you don't have one already), map out your email list flow, and create your epic freebie. By the end of Part 1, you'll be excited to build your email list and confident in how to make it happen!

In part one, you’re going to:

  • Get set up for success with the best email service provider for your business (tech tutorials included)
  • Create a plan for your email list flow so you know the exact journey you'll take new subscribers on
  • Get to know your dream client and what's valuable enough to them to exchange their email address
  • Walk through the 4 steps to build your simple, yet highly valuable epic freebie that connects directly with your paid offer
  • Finally have the answer to the common mystery: "How much do I give away for free?"


Once you know who you want to attract and have built a freebie that will make it happen, now it's time to create your email list flow! Your email list flow is the backend automated system that warms up your new subscribers and provides a great experience without you lifting a finger (AKA autopilot-mode activated).

In part two, you’re going to: 

  • Build a landing page for your freebie that will have your "perfect match" clients excited to enter their email address in the little box to receive your freebie (tech tutorial included)
  • Learn the #1 place most business owners miss that will exponentially grow your business and engagement without you lifting a finger
  • Build an email welcome sequence that will take your new subscribers from "Who is this person?" to "I can't wait to hear more!"
  • Set up the entire behind-the-scenes automation set up so your list continues to grow on autopilot while you get back to what you love doing without having to worry about this whole "marketing thing"


Now that your "email list machine" is built, it's time to grow your email list full of engaged, "perfect match" clients before your next launch! Part 3 is all about finding the right platforms for your business and using them strategically to build your email list. With the templates and prompts provided, you'll have both a short and long-term game plan to get the right people on your list before, during, and after a launch.  

In part three, you’re going to:

  • Optimize your website for long-term email list success and turn lurkers into subscribers
  • Use the power of your long-term platforms to have new subscribers join your list even when you're on vacation, having a "self-care day", or hanging out with the fam
  • Leverage what's good about social media (no matter how many followers you have) to get people off the app and onto your email list without feeling spammy or annoying
  • Implement email list growth strategies to keep your list-growth strong for years to come 
Get immediate and lifetime access to all content, including:

Go-at-your-own-pace video training library that takes you step-by-step through my 3-part "Know, Flow, Grow" framework to build an engaged, "perfect fit" email audience that's primed and ready to buy your program


Your go-to reference manual for all of the questions you didn't even know you had about email lists - what to say, when to send, how to write, what the numbers mean, etc.


Complete tech tutorials walking you through the behind-the-scenes setup of your entire email list flow so it can be a "hands-off" part of your business


30+ email content prompts that will give you over a year's worth of weekly newsletter ideas


60+ social media promotional post ideas so you know exactly what to post on social media to promote your freebie and your program


Private community forum to ask your questions and get feedback

Plus, take action TODAY and get these extra goodies!


There's one type of freebie that blows all the others out of the water...a quiz. Quizzes are fun and irresistible for your audience and easy for you to create. Win-win! Should your freebie be a quiz? Probably. But don't even think about trying to create one without this training.

($300 value)


The term “messaging” in the business world refers to how you communicate with your dream client. It’s how you build a connection with your dream clients to help them understand why they want and need what you have to offer, the transformation that will happen when they take you up on that offer, and the risks involved if they don’t pursue your offer. In other words, magnetic messaging is your marketing material. (Try to say that 5x fast!) 

This workbook will take ALL the guesswork out of what to put on your sales page, what to say on social media, and what to write in your emails by really understanding who you're talking to and what they need to hear.

($300 value)


If you're a coach or practitioner in the wellness space, it's time to step into your power and own the one thing you want to be known for—and it starts with getting confident in who you help and how you help them.

In this virtual go-at-your-own-pace masterclass, I'm going to walk you through my signature 5-step process to uncover your perfect niche. 

The truth is...if you don't take this first step, then the rest of your business can't flourish into what it's meant to be. Your potential clients can't get the help they need, you can't build the business you want, and you won't make the money you deserve. 

($400 value)
Sooooo, what's the investment?


With no real structure, the wrong strategy, the costly mistakes, the frustrating blunders, and bad (or non-existent) marketing can cost you thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it but you're own frustration and disappointment.

Not to mention the hours and hours of valuable time lost trying to figure everything out on your own. Time you could otherwise be spending making a solid income doing what you love while you're marketing strategy runs on autopilot.

Now is your time to build an automated, simplified marketing strategy into your business that will make it easy to sell your services for years to come. Having an effective marketing and sales strategy you feel confident and comfortable in is truly priceless for your business both now and in the future.

Because I'm committed to making Launch List Accelerator as accessible as possible, I normally price it at just $497 for lifetime access. 

But since you're reading this during my special launch event, you get an even sweeter deal!

Right now, you can enroll in Launch List Accelerator and PAY WHAT YOU CAN!
Join Launch List Accelerator today!
Choose the best plan for you...






Hey there, I'm Shawn!

I’m a former personal trainer + nutritionist turned business coach who helps passionate wellness pros create and grow their dream business without sacrificing their sanity.

In 2013, I set out to create my very own wellness business with a passion to help others and absolutely zero experience in entrepreneurship. 

Let's just say that pretty much the only right thing I did from the start was figure out how to build my email list.  

I had no idea how to actually get people onto my list, how to create a freebie they actually wanted (not to mention design it so it didn't look like a 5th grader's work), build the tech side of things so it all could happen automatically, or use this email list to make sales in my business.

But, I didn't let all that stop me from learning how to build an audience that was actually mine. Instead, I put my head down and got to work figuring out how to make it all happen. 


I've grown an email audience of over 25,000 "perfect match" people that actually want to open my emails

I’ve made over $1 million in online program sales with 95% of those sales coming directly from my email list

I've built an engaged audience off of social media, so I don't freak out when Instagram and Facebook shut down for the day. 

Selling is a simple, streamlined, fun part of my business!


  • Your email list will always be your #1 biggest asset in your business no matter what other platforms come out.
  • It's not enough to just "get people on your list." You need to focus on attracting the right people that are interested in what you have to say
  • It is entirely possible to not be annoying, sales-y, or spammy with your emails and for your audience to actually get excited when they see your name pop up
  • With a few simple automations and straetgies, growing your email list will be a "hands-off" piece of your business.
  • EVERY business needs an engaged email list to launch its products and services!

You're the perfect fit if:

  • You know you need an email list for your business but have been stalling on getting yours up and running
  • You started your email list but are having a hard time getting people to join no matter what you try
  • Oops, you ghosted your list—You have a few emails collected but haven't emailed them in a looong time
  • You've created an epic freebie but don't know how to use it to get people onto your list
  • You feel awkward and weird when it comes time to promote your freebie on your platform(s)
  • You have no idea what to say in your emails or how to get people to read them
  • The tech part of email lists is overwhelming for you
If any of these sounds like you, let's get started!
Got questions? I got answers!
The Launch List Accelerator Guarantee
We're behind you 100%!

I know that investing in your business is a big decision. Because I want to make sure you feel as confident with your decision as I do, I’m offering you a no-risk guarantee. If you go through the Launch List Accelerator in its entirety, apply and take action on all of the teachings in your business, and don’t add at least 100 new subscribers to your list in the next 6 months, I will give you your money back.

That’s right, I’ll give you your money back if this program doesn’t increase your business success. All you have to do is show me that you completed all of the work, took inspired action in your business, and I’ll immediately refund you, no questions asked.

Enroll in Launch List Accelerator today!
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